Influence of farm and technology characteristics on farmers ‘perception of soil and water and water conservation technologies in west Pokot County, Kenya

Siren, Janet ; et. al... (2019)

Soil plays significant roles in the earth’s life-support system through the provision of a multitude of essential ecosystem services to humans and the environment. But due to severity of soil erosion this ecosystem services are no longer felt at a greater extent in the study area. While farmers’ perception of soil and water conservation technologies plays a key role in their decision making on land use and management practices, different farmers may have different attitudes towards soil conservation. Although adoption of agricultural technologies is rigorously researched, the perception component seems to be ignored. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to analyze the influence of farm characteristic and technology characteristics on farmers’ perception of soil and water conservation technologies in Chepararia Ward, West Pokot County, Kenya involving 100 farm households. Survey research design was employed using a structured questionnaire. The data obtained was analyzed and the results were presented in tables and frequencies while relationship between variables was analyzed using logistic regression. The findings revealed that conclusion the perception of farmers on soil and water conservation technologies increases when the technology add value to society and not costly.

IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science


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